Blackstar St. James 50 EL34 1x12 Guitar Combo

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The newest release from Blackstar - the ST. JAMES was developed in order to provide MASSIVE tone in a portable design. This EL34 combo delivers a flexible palette of vintage and modern tones that can be used for wide variety of genres. This EL34 -equipped 1x12 combo works very well with pedals, and features flexible in's and out's make this a dream for the today's modern guitarists. 

BCR Music & Sound is now Central PA's go-to location for Blackstar Amplification. We are a fully-authorized Blackstar Amplification Dealer, and are offering the best of their product range in-stock at our Lemoyne, PA location.

Elevator pitch: Developed after months of forensic examination of vintage valve amps, the St. James series offers valve amplifiers that are truly lightweight and portable. Available in two formats, a classic EL34 design and a higher gain 6L6 model, these amps are simple to use but highly versatile; the intuitive two channel set-up deliver Blackstar's best ever cleans and overdrives.

We are a fully-authorized Blackstar Amplification Dealer.

  • Reactive load allows you to use the valve amps without a speaker connected, mimicing the response of a typical speaker for authentic power-amp tones at home or in the studio
  • The new Cab Rig simulator technology reproduces the sound and feel of a mic’d up guitar cab in incredible detail
  • Power reduction to 5 watts, or "Sag" setting which recreates a softer vintage response
  • Super lightweight amps, half the weight of a traditional valve amp

Did You Know?

  • The EL34 model recreates classic British amp sounds, from clean jangle to natural The higher gain 6L6 model offers modern sparkling cleans and high gain crunch

  • The Celestion G12Z-70 ‘Zephyr’ 8 Ohm lightweight speaker was custom designed to help reduce weight in these amps

We thoroughly inspect and test every unit prior to shipment. We pack every item 100% professionally and insure every item we ship. This item will be shipped from our brick-and-mortar storefront in Lemoyne, PA. BCR Music & Sound has been in business for well over 25 years and is fully staffed by professional musicians.