Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 1x12 Tube Combo

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The Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 1x12 all-tube combo has quickly become one of our "shop favorites," - as our staff seem to be falling in love with the robust, little powerhouse of an amp. The namesake suggest that this combo is strictly for studio use, however; the amount headroom and punch coming through this little guy make gig-able in many of the most realistic scenarios. Both clean and overdrive tones are outstanding, the reverb sounds great, and the Studio 10 6L6 takes pedals like a true warrior!

The Studio 10 6L6 deploys a 6L6 output valve and an ECC83 in the preamp stage to give this amp a distinctively American bright clean sound and searing lead tone. The built-in overdrive circuit - inspired by our renowned HT-Drive pedal - takes the lead tone from dynamic crunch to a singing, smooth legato and remains composed and graceful. 

BCR Music & Sound is now Central PA's go-to location for Blackstar Amplification. We are a fully-authorized Blackstar Amplification Dealer, and are offering the best of their product range in-stock at our Lemoyne, PA location.

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 Specifications:
1x ECC83, 1x 6L6
1x 12" Celestion Seventy-80
Gain, Tone, Reverb, Master, Drive Button
Emulated Output (Mono, taken after the power amp)
Series effects loop
Effects level switch
Footswitch (Supplied 1-button to activate boost feature, or use an optional 2-button for boost or overdrive and reverb)
Mains in
3 speaker outputs - 1 x 16 Ohm, 1 x 8 Ohm and 2 x 16 Ohm

We thoroughly inspect and test every unit prior to shipment. We pack every item 100% professionally and insure every item we ship. This item will be shipped from our brick-and-mortar storefront in Lemoyne, PA. BCR Music & Sound has been in business for well over 25 years and is fully staffed by professional musicians.