Boss BD-2w Waza Craft Blues Driver Overdrive Pedal

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The Boss BD-2W Blues Driver Special Edition - Waza Craft steps up the tried and true Blues Driver circuit to a level mostly associated with high end modded circuits available through boutique builders. Our staff loves the flexibility! This is a great unit to run straight into a clean amp for a standalone overdrive tone, or the BD-2w can be used as a boost to cascade into other units for a little extra compression and sustain. This beast can hold its own in nearly any genre, and has become a go-to for players who just want a "more" out of their overdrive! This pedal is great for chunky chords, singing leads, a bluesy clip or full on hard rock. Even Jazz and Fusion players will love the touch-sensitivity and harmonic content on tap!

Passionately designed by the master engineers at BOSS in Japan, the Waza Craft BD-2W delivers a premium stomp experience that fans of customized pedal tone will love. Crafted with an ear for highly refined sound, the BD-2W takes the classic Blues Driver grit to a new level with all-discrete analog circuitry. Standard mode captures the classic BD-2 tone while Custom mode delivers new body and sustain.

Boss BD-2W Waza Craft Blues Driver Overdrive Pedal

Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience
Premium sound based on the classic BD-2 Blues Driver
Newly revised, all-analog discrete amplifier circuit
Standard and Custom sound modes
Highly responsive to picking dynamics and volume changes
BOSS five-year warranty

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