Chase Bliss Audio Dark World Dual Channel Reverb Pedal - Used

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From Chase Bliss' website:
'Dark World is a reverb blender. It combines one channel of natural algorithms with another made up of surreal atmospheres. You can billow, drip, and bloom, just like reverb should, or hang, sizzle and oscillate, just like it can’t. Or both. 33 distinct ways to mix, match, and make space.

...Blending, splitting, and cascading reverb is what Dark World is all about. Processing one reverb with another, or separating them into a parallel brew. Cast a dripping spring into a broken VHS tape, freeze a swelling hall, etc. Whichever reverb is last in the chain becomes more dominant–tame Dark’s idiosyncrasies by sending it through World, or flip the order and lean in.

Dark World is loaded with Spring, Plate and Hall algorithms, the variety pack of essential reverbs. They represent one, two and three dimensions of reflection, each with their own unique strengths and uses.

The Dark channel toys with the idea of what makes a reverb a reverb.  Does it need to decay? Not really.  Can you pitch-shift space? Probably. Each of the Dark algorithms challenge physics in their own way.'

This Chase Bliss Dark World Dual Channel Reverb is in Very Good condition. The top of the pedal is clean, all script is fully functional, some light oxidation present on foot switch / mini-toggle hardware. The back of the pedal is missing its label and is scratched and scuffed in a way that seems consistent with velcro being added, then removed. Includes the original wooden Chase Bliss box and paperwork.

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