Danelectro DanEcho - Placebo Farm Mod

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This pre-owned Danelectro -MODDED- Dan Echo is brought to you by BCR Music & Sound, Central PA's premier guitar, amp, and pedal dealer! The photos in this listing are of the actual instrument listed for sale here in our store.

This pedal has been Modified by Placebo Farm.

This pedal has had its input impedance load corrected with the addition of a Klon-esque IC buffer; the original transistor buffer is intact as well. As per Analog.Mike, combining the two gives the warmth of transistor with balanced signal clarity of an op-amp — no more high-end signal loss. In fact, the buffer is engaged whether the delay is on or off so you get bonus buffering without taking up another power supply or spot on your board.

Additionally, this unit now has Switchcraft jacks and a standard power jack — no more cheap/junky parts. On top of that, we installed an Infinite Repeats footswitch (with an LED to indicate it is engaged). This allows for crazy self-oscillation and runaway madness. However, you may want something in between…so we added a pot on the left that controls how much insanity you can squeeze from this pedal.

The pedal shown in the photos is of the actual pedal offered for sale. We'll double-inspect and play-test, pack with care, and ship this instrument within 1 business day, and most cases, the same day if the order is placed by 3pm EST.