DeArmond-Rowe Dynasonic NOS Vintage 1960's 2000 MA-5 New Condition Box Harness Pots and Switch!

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Original - Never USED, Un-Opened Boxes, containing 1960's Martin DeArmond Rowe Dynasonic 2000 Guitar Pickups - With Wiring Harness, pots and switch!

Found on Martin Electric guitar models: GT-70 / GT-75 / F-50 / F-55 / F-65

CF Martin, Kustom and Standel, specified cosmetic alterations to the Model 2000's brass housing. Where the original model 2000 had a rectangular top opening, Kustom's version had a trapezoidal opening, and CF Martin's had an irregular opening.

CF Martin used several versions of the Model 2000 pickup in their F-series of archtop and flat-top electric instruments. The asymmetrical opening in the top of the pickup is a common characteristic of all of CF Martin's DeArmond pickups. DeArmond's in-house reference for these pickups was MA-5.

We were fortunate to buyout an estate that contained a large number of New Old Stock guitar parts from the 1960's, including Framus, Martin and Standel.

Martin ordered a bunch of custom DeArmond pickups and then ended up not using the entire supply.  Now you can get these pickup sets, WITH WIRING HARNESSES in the ORIGINAL BOXES.

This set contains:
• Two (2) DeArmond Dynasonic pickups
• Toggle Switch
• Pots & Output Jack (all wired together except for theneck pickup, as it was soldered in after installation at the factory)
• Tissue Paper and a sturdy cardboard box stamped "MA-5"

The pickups measure out at a strong 10.5 k ohms, and sound magnificent.