Thomas Organ Company Crybaby 95-9105511 Wah 1970's - Placebo Farm Modified

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What a killer unit from our buddy, Elliot over at Placebo Farm! This one is an early 70's Thomas Organ Crybaby model made in Chicago, model 95-9105511. This pedal is modified by Placebo Farm to his "Borman Six Special" specs, giving the pedal a more vocal sound, increased gain / volume, and a modified sweep range. This pedal works perfectly, with no issues, and is as reliable as they come. 

The unit photographed is the actual unit for sale. We thoroughly inspect and test every unit prior to shipment. We pack every item 100% professionally and insure every item we ship.

The tone of this pedal is much more refined than the average Crybaby, with quite a bit more headroom, and cleaner, more present tone with a lower noise floor. The pedal shows obvious signs of use, but given its age and modified improvements, we are rating this at VERY GOOD condition. 

Thomas Organ Co - Crybaby
Model # 95-9105511 - 1970's
Placebo Farm "Borman Six Special" Mods Included
More "Vocal" Tone
Increased Gain and Vo

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