EarthQuaker Devices Night Wire V2 Harmonic Tremolo

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So you're looking for a tremolo that goes into different sonic territories than a 'traditional' tremolo? The Night Wire V2 is your ticket. Once you hear the smooth modulation and harmonic tones you can generate along with the Nightwire, you'll see why the Night Wire has quickly become a favorite among BCR Music & Sound staff!

Harmonic tremolo with adjustable filters

Flexi-switch for momentary or latching operation

Filter Frequency has Manual, LFO, and Attack modes for tonal variety

Filter Frequency Manual mode sets center point to a fixed position with frequency control

Filter Frequency LFO mode continuously sweeps and frequency control adjusts the LFO rate

Filter Frequency Attack mode dynamically sweeps the filters responding to your pick attack and frequency control sets the range

Tremolo section has Manual and Attack Modes

Tremolo Manual mode uses rate control to set the speedAttack mode responds to pick attack

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