Haunted Labs Dark Aura Modulated Reverb Pedal - Limited Edition Pink - Used

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The Dark Aura may look spooky, but its simple to dial in! This reverb walks the line between boutique quality and practical pricing! Made in the USA with high quality materials and utilizing a standard 9v power supply, this pedal is ready to walk on your board!

From Haunted Labs website:

'The Dark Aura offers easy-to-use reverb with something extra. Think of it as an eerily addictive spectral bonus.

For starters, the pedal delivers classic, super lush concert hall reverb. It can be adjusted to create a wide, highly versatile range of sonic spaces -- everything from cozy catacombs to an all-engulfing wash of mindwarp infinitum.

And then things start to get a little weird...

The "Evolve" knob is Dark Aura's secret weapon. It adds slippery, shimmering modulation to the reverb's natural ambiance. In small drams, "Evolve" delivers extra dimensionality and a sense of animation. A bit more "Evolve" creates a chill in the air, like a fleeting shadow. In large doses? Well, you better start budgeting for some major exorcism expenses.'

This Haunted Labs Dark Aura Modulated Reverb is in Excellent condition. Pedal is fully functional with no issues. The top and sides of the pedal show no wear, the bottom of the casing is covered in tiny, light scratches.

The instrument shown in the photos is of the actual instrument offered for sale! We'll double-inspect and play-test, professionally pack with care, and ship this instrument within 1 business day, and most cases, the same day if the order is placed by 3pm EST.