Narwhal Industries Pineapple Fuzz - Brand New!

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ThisĀ Narwhal Industries Pineapple FuzzĀ is brought to you by BCR Music & Sound, Central PA's premier guitar, amp, and pedal dealer!

About Narwhal Industries
'Since 2010, musicians have enjoyed the great tone of Narwhal-Industries. To consistently deliver our great tone, we carefully select only highquality electronic components and original designs to bring you unprecedented quality, full-bodied tone and feel. We will soon be offering a full line of boutique effects including fuzz, overdrive, and boost. Reward yourself today with the quality tone and feel of Narwhal-Industries, a musician owned and operated boutique effects builder.'

The challenges of 2020 demanded a ruder, nastier fuzz that I could sell at a lower price point. My Pandemic personal project brought forth the Pineapple. A BC108 Silicon Fuzz with a boosted output and bias control.

7-o'clock to noon on the gain control gives sputtering, low/under-powered tone of classic 'dying battery' settings. Past noon on the gain control acts more predictably, ramping from light gain to full on fuzz distortion!

Narwhal Industries Pineapple Fuzz

Volume and GainĀ controls
Standard 9v negative tip DC compatible (Supply not included)
Hand made with pro-quality parts in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, USA!

TheĀ unit shown in the photos is of the actual instrument offered for sale! We'll double-inspect and play-test, professionally pack with care, and ship this instrument within 1 business day, and most cases, the same day if the order is placed by 3pm EST.