Peavey Patriot Hardtail - White - Used

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From Peavey's American guitar lineup of the 1980s comes a simplified, student model electric guitar - the Patriot! Built with a slightly shorter scale length (23.75") and minimalist body construction, this guitar comfortable, light, and effortless to play. Features a very simple C-shape neck profile with a medium - light gloss, Strat, Tele, and Jaguar lovers will feel right at home wielding this neck. Equipped with Peavey's proprietary single coil Super Ferrite pickups that are pretty hot compared to single coils, but suprisingly versatile - tonally, this guitar definitely leans in the Tele direction, but with almost P90-like snarl and aggression.

This Peavey Patriot Hardtail is in Good condition. The headstock has small nicks and dings throughout the front, back and edges. No serious damage, structurally healthy with no breaks or previous repairs. All headstock text & serial number are fully legible. The truss rod works, currently setup with no relief, neck shows signs of very subtle twist in the neck but this does not negatively affect the playability.

The frets show advanced wear near the nut, with noticeable denting in the first 3 frets under all 3 plain treble strings, otherwise negligible beyond the 4th fret. The guitar plays well despite this fret wear, fret work would be needed to fully optimize / reduce buzzing, but the guitar plays well with low action as is. The fingerboard finish has worn through at several points near the nut, but none can be felt while playing or negatively affect the function of the instrument. The back of the neck has small nicks and little dings throughout but none of them are through the finish or noticeable to your fretting hand or eyes.

The body and pickguard have small scratches throughout, the only dings / dents are along the bottom edge of the body near the endpin, none of which are through the finish. Bridge is lightly worn and shows some light corrosion. All saddles and adjustment screws are healthy and fully functional, and still have adjustment left in either direction. Electronics are fully functional. Instrument presents as all-original and includes the original Peavey hard shell case.

The instrument shown in the photos is of the actual instrument offered for sale! We'll double-inspect and play-test, professionally pack with care, and ship this instrument within 1 business day, and most cases, the same day if the order is placed by 3pm EST.