POWER-ALL Eco-Dapter Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply

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Power-All® ECO-Dapter® is a center negative 9VDC power supply for effects pedals that can supply up to 2000mA of power making it a great choice for pedals boards and power hungry effects.

In partnership with CarbonFund.org, the ECO-Dapter®’s carbon footprint is neutralized through the purchase of carbon offsets. CarbonFund.org’s certified carbon reductions are third party audited to assure the highest standards and are retired rather than being re-used.

The ECO-Dapter® also meets the stringent Level VI energy efficiency standards set out by the U.S. Department of Energy. This means that the ECO-Dapter® consumes less power, conserving natural resources while also eliminating the waste and environmental hazards associated with disposable batteries.

In addition to environmentally friendly operation, the ECO-Dapter® provides ultra-quiet, reliable, high-current power to your effects so they can operate at their peak performance levels.

Connect the ECO-Dapter® directly to your favorite pedal, or purchase optional Power-All® daisy chain & jumper cables to power your entire pedalboard from a single ECO-Dapter® power supply!


9 VDC, 2000 mA regulated power supply
Meets DOE Level VI energy efficiency standard
Carries CarbonFund.org Carbonfree® certification
Ultra-low noise floor for silent operation
Environmentally-friendly, Recycled/Recyclable packaging
LIFETIME WARRANTY – never buy another power supply!
Powers all your 9 VDC pedals from a single supply
Space-saving profile takes up only one outlet space
Special low-noise circuitry reduces ripple current and hum
Ferrite-core filter module on power output cable reduces noise and hum
Powers 9 VDC effects from any electrical outlet in the world (100-240VAC)
10-foot, 24-gauge power cable eliminates need for an extension cord

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