Tech 21 Geddy Lee DI-2112 Signature SansAmp Preamp Pedal - Pre-owned

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This pedal was engineered alongside Geddy Lee to help minimize his preferred gigging tone into a convenient, portable format! According to Geddy, “The GED-2112 is really a continuation of my long-time approach to bass tone. A ‘deep clean’ tone coupled with the ‘edgy crunch’ I get from the SansAmp RPM now all in one box.”

The GED-2112 introduced a new framework for Parallel Pre-Amping –having two separate internal pre-amps. Following this concept, the compact SansAmp YYZ pedal adapted the architectural structure to simplify blending the two signal paths. Merging the design of the rackmount and the portability of the pedal, the SansAmp DI-2112 offers yet another new format that is designed to be equally at home on a studio desk-top as well as an amp-top.

The Drive pre-amp section is based upon the versatile SansAmp RPM, for a wide range of sonic possibilities. The Deep pre-amp section offers thick, meaty tones. Saturation goes from clean in lower settings to increased harmonics and tube-like compression in higher settings. You can use either section independently or blend them externally direct to a mixing board as well as to two amplifiers.

This Tech 21 Geddy Lee DI-2112 Signature SansAmp Preamp Pedal is in Excellent condition. One small scratch non 'Deep Out' label (still legible), no other cosmetic wear to speak of, fully functional with no issues. Original box and manual included.

This pre-owned Tech 21 Geddy Lee DI-2112 Sansamp Preamp Pedal is brought to you by BCR Music & Sound, Central PA's premier Tech 21 dealer! The photos in this listing are of the actual pedal for sale here in our store.

Tech 21 Geddy Lee DI-2112 Signature SansAmp Preamp Pedal

Dual, all-analog SansAmp circuits with individual Level controls

Drive for gain and overdrive

Saturation for low-end beef with separate Level control

Blend to control the ratio of SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation and your direct instrument signal

Sweepable semi-parametric EQ, 170 Hz to 3.0 kHz, cut/boost 12dB

Tight switch adds definition to your notes in cleaner settings and makes distorted tones snappier

1/4-inch 1megOhm input

Dual balanced low impedance XLR outputs with Level Selector switch and Ground Lift to go direct to a PA desk or studio board

Dual 1/4-inch low impedance outputs with Level Selector switch

1/4-inch tuner output

Rugged, all-metal housing and jacks

Measures 6.375”l x 4.0”w x 1.75”h

Weighs just 19 oz.

Runs on 18V DC for increased headroom and clarity, via power supply or two 9V alkaline batteries (not included)

The pedal shown in the photos is of the actual unit offered for sale! We'll double-inspect and play-test, professionally pack with care, and ship this product within 1 business day, and most cases, the same day if the order is placed by 3pm EST.