Stomp Under Foot - Iron Tusk Fuzz - BCR Limited Run Dealer Exclusive - Used

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Check out this BCR Music & Sound, LLC EXCLUSIVE from Matt at Stomp Under Foot: The IRON TUSK. After we begged Matt to bring back the Hellephant, he decided to take it a step further, and redesign the circuit exclusively for us! The Iron Tusk was designed to be more amp-like, but still give you the option of all-out fuzz. It works very well as a stand-alone fuzz into a clean amp, but ALSO works surprisingly well into an already overdriven input. Matt is the fun-loving, "mad-genius" that got us back into loving FUZZ!!!! We're very excited to have this opportunity to offer these in conjunction with Stomp Under Foot!

The Iron Tusk is a modified version of the discontinued Hellephant fuzz pedal. As with the Hellephant, the Iron Tusk has its roots in the silicon version of the Fuzz Face but modified and tweaked for a more usable pedal.
The tones the pedal produces sounds like it is part of your amp and less like it is coming from a pedal.
Due to the original NOS BC239 transistors, the Iron Tusk yields a warm fuzz tone that cleans up amazingly well with your guitar's volume.

Unlike the Fuzz Face, the Iron Tusk's Fuzz control works very well giving you everything from a low-gain overdrive to full-out, thick fuzz.With the Fuzz around 9-10 o'clock and your neck pickup you will get an overdriven blues tone with punch, snap and warmth. Turning the control up to 12-2 o'clock gives you a thicker, amp-like compressed tone. Maxing out the fuzz will give you a monstrous, gnarly, ripping fuzz.

Stomp Under Foot - Iron Tusk Fuzz - BCR Limited Run Dealer Exclusive - Used  Is in very good condition. The top and sides of the pedal are clean without wear,The pedal functions as it is intended without issue. Box included.

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