Vox V847-C Wah Pedal

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This Vox V847-C Wah pedal is brought to you by BCR Music & Sound, Central PA's premier Vox dealer! The photos in this listing are of the actual instrument listed for sale here in our store.

Vox brings a 60's vintage-voiced wah with modern twists to it's classic pedal arsenal with the V847-C Wah.  It's based on the same specs as their 1960s Vox wah, but features a broader sweeping range in the low end, to give a much more warm and rich tone.  A more narrow Q capability, better input impedance, and true bypass, the exact tone you want is always just a few tweaks away.  This wah is definitely destined to become a modern classic!

  • Wah pedal for electric guitar, based on 1960s Vox wah specs
  • Sweep range has been lowered for a warmer, richer sound
  • Q value creates a narrower peak for precise, defined wah effects
  • True bypass switching completely removes the circuit from your signal chain when the effect is off
  • Soft rubber feet for a more comfortable switching experience
  • Requires 9V battery or AC adapter (sold separately)
  • Made in Japan, with traditional Japanese artwork on front and bottom panels

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