CAST Engineering Pulse Drive Tremolo Boost Pedal Brand New Free Shipping

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The Cast Engineering Pulse Drive is one of the best sounding trem circuits we've ever heard! The most well-though-out and best sounding tremolo pedals, to many players, are simple to use but still tackle issue inherent with vintage units, such as,  "signal dropping" or a general lack of effect intensity in certain playing situations. The Cast Engineering Pulsve drive achieves simplicity and flexiblity through its cut-and-dry controls, stunning visual appeal and of course, a built in boost section that works great in all playing scenarios. This pedal comes to you Brand New from Cast Engineering Authorized Dealer, BCR Music & Sound, LLC. 

CAST Engineering Pulse Drive

Bypass Switch - true bypass of signal

Rate - adjusts tremolo speed

Depth - adjusts intensity of tremolo

Level - adjusts volume/acts as boost after unity gain

Turn depth all the way down to use as just a boost

Light up knobs blink to tremolo rate

9V Battery or standard negative tip power supply


Top Quality Components

Designed and Hand Built in Atlanta, GA