PRS Sonzera 20 - 20-Watt All-Tube Combo Amplifier

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The Sonzera 20 is a moderately powered 20-watt combo amplifier with two independently controlled, footswitchable channels designed for maximum versatility. The clean channel delivers full, 3D tones reminiscent of American mid-1960’s amplifiers. The gain channel is related to the clean channel circuit-wise, so that it can be set up to act as a boosted clean channel or manipulated to make the channels sound like two completely different amps (the gain channel can be set from slight to very heavy distortion by simply using the drive and level controls). The bright switch on the gain channel has been carefully tailored to deliver familiar high-end snap and is particularly effective on the low strings, neck pickup settings, and with singlecoils, while the low-end response of the gain channel is full, tight, and clear.

Both channels on the Sonzera are designed to maximize note clarity and definition. The global presence control and the tone stacks allow players to dial in a variety of tones from bell-like chime to warmer, thicker tones. The Sonzera 20 Combo also features global spring reverb control that is designed to enhance notes without clouding them. The reverb can be turned on and off via the footswitch. The addition of a built-in effects loop allows players to use all their time-based effects with ease without negatively impacting the overall tone of the amp.

With robust construction, a wide range of tones, and steadfast controllability, the Sonzera 20 Combo is a solid gig- and studio- worthy amplifier.

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Wattage: 20
Power Tubes: (2) 5881 or6L6WGC-STR Short Bottle
Preamp Tubes: (4) 12AX7 / ECC83
Gain Channel: Bass, Middle, Treble, Level, Drive
Clean Channel: Bass, Treble, Volume
Global Controls: Channel Select Switch, Reverb, Presence
Inlet: Fused Power Inlet (IEC)
Effects Loop: Loop Return, Loop Send
Extension Speaker Jacks: 5
Ohm Switching: (2) 4 ohm & (2) 8 ohm parallel, (1) 16 ohm
Bias: Adjustable with Monitoring Jacks
Cabinet Material / Construction: Plywood
Covering: Textured Black Vinyl
Grill Cloth: Salt and Pepper
Piping: Silver
Amp Width: 19.5"
Amp Depth: 10.5"
Amp Height: 18"
Amp Weight: 42 lbs.
Included Accessories: 2-Button Footswitch (Channel Gain/Clean, Reverb On/Off)
V1: Common Input Gain Stage
V2: Gain Channel
V3: Reverb
V4: Phase Inverter

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