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More than just an octaver, the Meatbox is a thick-cut subharmonic synthesizer as well. Adding in sub notes so low that you need to be careful not to blow your speakers. A TRS out allows you to split the subharmonic synthesized signal out to the P.A. for teeth-rattling, bone wrenching, bowel-shaking, booty-quaking bass that will rock the house, literally.

The Meatbox is capable of producing a large amount of low frequency signal.  The Meatbox has the potential to damage speakers if not kept to a reasonable level. Start with the Sub and Octave all the way counter-clockwise, and the Level and Low at noon.  As you increase the amount of Sub and/or Octave watch the clipping indicators at all gain-stages on your pre-amps and amplifiers.  If you see or hear clipping at any stage, back off the levels until clipping is eliminated, and do not increase the level any further.

DOD Meatbox Subsynth

Based on the iconic DOD Meatbox circuit design with updated components
TRS Output
True bypass
9V DC power supply jack
Crisp blue status LED
Lighter aluminum chassis

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