Gator GTR-PWR-12 Pedalboard Power Supply

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The GTR-PWR-12 guitar effects pedal power supply by Gator Cases features twelve quiet, isolated outputs (2300mA max) for powering your entire pedalboard [Outputs: 2 x 18V DC @ 120mA, 3 x 9/12V DC @ 120mA, 2 x 4 9V DC @ 120mA, 2 x 9V DC @ 300mA, 2 x 9V DC @ 500mA, 1 x USB-C @ 5V/2A (10W), 1 x AC Outlet]. Voltages on outputs 3, 4 and 5 are adjustable between 9 – 12V via DIP switches on the front side. Outputs 6 and 7 include continuously variable voltage between 4 9V to simulate the natural tube breakup tone players often crave. The GTR-PWR-12 comes equipped with a complimentary gooseneck white LED light that plugs directly into the USB output on the front to keep your entire pedalboard illuminated in dark settings. When traveling internationally, simply select between 115/230 volts for mains power input voltage to ensure safe operation with your particular wall outlet. The power switch with LED indicator light makes powering down your rig a snap, saving you from having to unplug the power cable from hard-to-reach areas when finished. Plug a wall-wart device directly into the courtesy AC outlet provided on the back. You can also mount the power supply directly to your favorite pedalboard using the integrated mounting slots. The GTR-PWR-12 includes the following cables: 1 x mains power cable, 12 x DC power cables in various lengths, 1 x 9V battery clip cable, 1 x mini jack cable, 1 x USB-C male to USB-A female adapter cable, 1 x current doubler cable, 1 x polarity inverter cable.

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