Stomp Under Foot - Skinner Deluxe

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The Skinner Deluxe is a combination of the Skinner Box, which is based on the original "Bud Box" Rat, and the boost side is the Stomp Under Foot Cherry Bomb. The Cherry Bomb is based on the Rangemaster but has an added "Range" control that allows you to add more low end.

This works really well when you have a nice, low-gain rhythm tone and want to kick on the boost for a fat, lead tone.

You can also use the boost with the pedal side to give yourself a huge, low-end, monstrous, doom sound. Adjusting the Range and Tone controls will give you a variety of sounds.

Stomp Under Foot pedals are made by hand using only quality, through-hole components.

This is an exclusive pedal that will be made for a limited time.

  • Distortion and Boost can be used individually or together
  • New-Old-Stock, NPN Germanium Transister
  • True-Bypass
  • 9V Battery or 2.1 9V Adapter Only
  • NOS Parts
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

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